The success to a beautiful long lasting summer lawn is springtime lawn care maintenance. When spring finally arrives caring for your lawn can easily become a low priority on the “to-do” list. Have no worries, go out and play! Give Mulcare Lawn Care a call and let us take care of the yard work for you. Residential, Commercial, Multi-Complex - We offer a variety of services and options to best fit your needs. Whether it is a one-time visit or a complete summer package, Mulcare Lawn Care can be there for you. Call or email to receive a free estimate and consultation for any of our lawn care services.

Spring Services and Renovation: Dethatching - Aeration - Lawn Vacuuming

The first step in spring renovation is removing thatch. Thatch is winter killed grass and unneeded debris resting on the surface of the lawn. A little bit of thatch is beneficial but sometimes thatch builds up too fast for natural processes to break it down and it forms a barrier, Blue Bird Dethatcher keeping moisture and air from where the grass needs it. It is vital that thatch be removed to allow for aeration and fertilizing. Mulcare Lawn Care uses high suction Exmark Navigator Lawn Mowers and Billy Goat Debris Vacuums for thatch removal.

Aeration can be overlooked in lawn renovation, but is important to bring it back to health as it improves drainage and reduces puddle formation. There are two types of aeration techniques; spike aeration and core aeration. Exmark AeratorSpike aeration addresses drainage issues in areas with turf and involves puncturing the soil with spikes, up to a foot or more in length, using an aeration machine. Core aeration removes approximately 1” to 2” of soil from the ground. Core aeration reduces thatch buildup which improves the infiltration of water/nutrients and encourages deeper roots and creates an environment where grass seed has direct contact with the soil.

Lawn vacuuming removes thatch and leftover leaves from the previous fall and gives your lawn a clean appearance, especially after winter has matted the turf and wind has blown countless debris in from the trees.

Summer Services: Mowing - Trimming - Pruning - Fertilization - Weed Control

Mulcare Lawn Care will keep your lawn and grounds healthy and looking like a California golf course. We use specialized lawn mowers to stripe your lawn and leave the least amount of turf damage. Trimming is performed at the same time as lawn mowing and keeps edges along fences and buildings clean from long grass. After all services are performed backpack blowers are used to blow excess clippings from sidewalks and around buildings. Mulcare Lawn Care recommends fertilizing your lawn three times during the summer season as an essential step to keeping the grass green.

Fall Services: Leaf Removal and Fall Cleanup

After a summer of complete lawn care, why let all that hard work and money go to waste. If grass is not properly prepared for winter, it will suffer from winter kill and most likely develop fungus build up, taking twice as long to remove in the spring. Instead of spending your weekend with rakes and mowers in hand, let Mulcare Lawn Care's experienced crew come in and clean up your lawn. We use top-of-the-line equipment, having the only debris loader of its kind in Interior Alaska, and will complete the fall cleanup in no time at all. Call us today for a free consultation and estimate.